The main partners in this project are the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the Albanian State Police (ASP), and the Security Academy (SA).

The project has used a method of identifying problems or issues to be addressed jointly with the beneficiaries. It has thereafter conducted an in-depth analysis of the identified problems or issues and finally provided tailored support and assistance in order to develop the relevant capacities and adequate practices.

Through this project, CIDS has delivered thorough analyses on Human Resource Management in the MoI, on the vetting process of police officers with specific focus on the development of psychological personality tests in the process of recruitment. Currently CIDS is conducting a job analysis of the Police Patrol Service in the ASP and an assessment of the Human Resource Management in the ASP. The preliminary results of the job analysis are being used to improve the ongoing process of recruitment of new police officers by the SA.

Through the capacity development component CIDS has provided training to the MoI and ASP staffs on the Human Resource Management needs’ analysis, on the Training needs analysis and on the Needs Assessment for Capacity Development for Psychological Tests. Similar ongoing activities include training on integrity and anti-corruption related modules such as the conflict of interest, whistleblowing and risk assessment related to the development of integrity plans by the MoI.

The goals and the objectives and activities of this project are aligned in order to strengthen the integrity of public officials, which is one of the objectives related to Albania’s Inter-sectoral Strategy against Corruption. The fight against corruption and integrity building are cited as major goals in the Public Order Strategy and the Public Administration Strategy.

The project’s activities and outcomes also contribute to supporting Albania’s EU membership efforts and more specifically to meeting three of the five key priorities set by the EU, namely: reform the public administration, to enhancing its professionalism and de-politicisation, fighting corruption, and fighting organised crime 1.

Project team for the project
Arjan Dyrmishi, Local Team Leader
Svein Eriksen, Senior Advisor
Odd Berner Malme, Expert on Police Affairs

Pictures from CIDS activities in Albania: