Building integrity in the Kosovo Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Internal Affairs

In Kosovo, CIDS is in the process of implementing a project, aimed at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA). The latest work also includes activities in the Kosovo Police (KP). The projects are based on the findings of the country report and long-standing partnership between CIDS and Kosovo Government. This is a three-year project aimed at strengthening the integrity framework and minimising the corruption risks in the MoD and MoIA. The current National Security Strategy of Kosovo highlights corruption as one of the security challenges facing the country, and considers corruption as a serious problem affecting the stability and security of the country. The project is therefore in line with Kosovo’s state-building trajectory and its aspirations for Euro-Atlantic integration. It aims at assisting the Kosovo Government in creating a better public integrity framework by reducing legal and institutional risks of corruption in the relevant ministries of defence and internal affairs. The project focuses on:

  • Providing assistance in the implementation of proposals to minimize corruption risks through improved procedures for a) public procurement, b) human resources management, and c) integrity building.
  • Increasing levels of competence among civil servants and raising awareness among representatives of academic institutions and civil society to promote integrity in the security area.
  • Systematizing and disseminating security-related experience that may be conducive to pro-integrity reforms in other parts of the public administration in Kosovo.Assist MoD, MoIA and KP in identifying gaps in the broader issues of human resources and integrity.

The main partners in this project are the: Department of Civil Servants, Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and NATO Advisory and Liason Team (NALT). Project team for both projects Florian Qehaja, Local Team Leader Svein Eriksen, Senior Advisor Damir Ahmetovic, Regional Project Coordinator / PAR Expert