Building Integrity project in Montenegro

CIDS is in the process of implementing a three year project called Strengthening the integrity framework in the public administration with emphasis on the security and defence areas. The project is based on the findings of a needs assessment and country report, which showed that the Montenegrin mechanisms to protect public integrity have certain shortcomings. Although the European Commission acknowledges some progress in the fight against corruption, it still concludes that corruption remains widespread. 
The objective of the projects is therefore to contribute to creating a better public integrity framework and reducing legal and institutional risks of corruption in the security and defence sectors. The project is mainly targeted at the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior and Police Administration of Montenegro, but also cooperates with the Human Resources Management Authority (HRMA).
The project has three specific objectives: The project has three specific objectives:

  • To provide assistance in the implementation of proposals to minimize corruption risks through a) better administrative procedures, b) improved systems for public procurement, c) better arrangements for asset disposal, d) enhanced transparency, e) better regime for managing conflicts of interests, and f) more adequate arrangements for corruption risk management.
  • To increase levels of competence among civil servants and raise awareness among representatives of academic institutions and civil society to promote integrity in the security and defence areas.
  • To systematize and disseminate security-related experience that may be conducive to pro-integrity reforms in other parts of the public administration in Montenegro.

All activities relevant to meet the project objectives are carried out in close co-operation with the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Police Administration and Human Resources Management Authority of Montenegro. The project will directly and indirectly provide knowledge that is vital in the EU integration processes and assist in addressing administrative deficiencies that will have to be corrected in the course of these processes. Project team  Rajko Radevic, Local Team Leader / Expert Svein Eriksen, Senior Adviser Odd Berner Malme, Expert on Police Affairs Anela Duman, International Public Management Expert