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Integrity Action Plan - revised 2023

Skjermbilde 2023-08-02 kl

Together with Transparency International – Defence and Security (TI-DS), The Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS) has revised and updated the “Integrity Action Plan Handbook” which was originally published in 2014. It is aimed at practitioners in defence and related security establishments.  CIDS held a “Building Integrity Institutional Enhancement Course: Integrity Action Plan (BI-IAP), where TI-DS also contributed with an instructor, at Dresmara Educational Centre in Brasov Romania 27-30 June 2023. The revised handbook was made use of there for the first time. The course members were extremely active and their feedback very good.  10990-DSS-IntegrityActionPlan-2023-Skjerm.pdf

Updated: 09. August 2023
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